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Why You Should Consider Owning a Self Defense Tool?

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We don't live in a perfect world, but we can do our best to feel safe and prepared. What better way than with a self defense keychain that's stylish and practical. Niccolagio is the house of the Pinky Combo Set, therefore this gem is always in demand! The bright pink color will make it easier to find if you drop it, and the design is both lightweight and comfortable. Where else can you find all this safety tools in a bundle? Make sure you grab yours before is gone again!



~I created my brand to provide self defense tools to women, to help them protect what matters the most. I believe and trust that in the future our society will be healed and our children will be able to play outside without fear.~

We provide self defense keychains which is a quick and easy way to stay safe and feel protected at any moment. you can attach this keychain to your purse, bag, or diaper bag, which means it will always be within reach. Protect yourself against those who would do you harm! Stay safe no matter where you go with our self defense keychain.